Personalized One-on-One Support

Sometimes we need someone to hear our story, to validate the rough road we've been on and to help us to move forward with strength.

It's Time to THRIVE! Regain your energy and learn the tools you need to rebuild your health

As a nutrition consultant and cancer coach, I provide the personalized support you deserve so that you can strengthen and nourish your wellbeing while you live with a cancer diagnosis.


My goal is to educate, motivate and show you how your thoughts, dietary and lifestyle habits impact your chances for recovery.


Through our work together, I can help you:

  • Learn how to minimize risk of cancer recurrence using targeted foods
  • Normalize weight
  • Improve blood sugars by helping your take control of cravings
  • Maximize your consumption of healthy anti-cancer foods
  • Engrain good dietary habits so that quality sleep time, ability to roll with stress and basic physical activity is achieved.
  • Try intermittent fasting as a potential long term lifestyle
  • Receive help to implement an anti-cancer diet
  • How to eat more plant-based foods which are filled with cancer fighting properties
  • We'll customize what your needs are and build your THRIVE plan together



What's included in the Thrive Nutrition Plan Coaching Sessions:

  • Private coaching and nutrition sessions for a sense of ease and making your whole experience feel less complicated
  • A completed health, diet and lifestyle assessment to personalize our work to you
  • A personalized cancer wellness plan based on your cancer diagnosis, health goals and current symptoms, co-created together
  • Guidance on key foods and dietary supplements to combat fatigue, nausea and brain fog so you can live with a sense of ease and dignity, engage in life, feel well again and better manage pain and inflammation
  • Anti-cancer whole food recipes that feel simple and easy to take action on

What You Can Expect:

We’ll meet over 3 sessions to review, re-affirm and implement each step. The Thrive Plan Coaching package begins at $295 CAD

Session #1: Assessment & Strategy

Our first consultation together will include a personalized nutrition assessment with a health history review, discussion on health imbalances and presenting symptoms. We will also review your digestive health targeted to your specific cancer. Recipes and easy meal ideas included.

Session #2: Nutritional Repair

With the results of your assessment, I provide you with a customized nutrition plan to support your health goals. This will include the use of whole, nutrient-dense foods, recipes, supplements and lifestyle modifications.

Session #3: Lifestyle Support

During our third coaching session, we'll re-assess your needs and how you're doing with your personalized action plan.

We'll assess next steps in continuing our work together

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