Jill provides wellness coaching and nutrition consulting by phone and video.

  • Online sessions available via phone or telehealth on Tuesdays and Fridays

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Jill Haverstock,

Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Certified Coach - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


What is Nutrition Consulting?

Nutrition consulting is an all-encompassing holistic approach to tailoring a diet and lifestyle program to an individual’s specific needs. The end goal is to unify the physical, nutritional and emotional components of one's life to help prevent disease and to build superior health.

Holistic nutrition focuses on treating the whole person, acknowledging that each person is biochemically distinct and has unique nutritional needs.

How Does It help?

Holistic nutrition works to identify and help correct nutritional imbalances of a variety of health concerns with a main focus on digestive health.

A nutrition assessment, support and education is provided by a registered holistic nutritional consultant who is qualified to guide you in making nutritional and lifestyle choices in the following areas:

  • Digestive imbalances and gut health (reduce acid reflux, bloating, constipation, IBS)

  • Low energy, fatigue

  • Allergies & food sensitivities

  • Weight gain/loss

  • Chronic inflammation, pain and bone health

  • and more

In addition, a holistic nutritional consultant provides guidance and dietary support on protocols recommended by complimentary health care practitioners (such as naturopaths, chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, etc.).

Is nutrition coaching covered by health insurance?

Registered and Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultants are required to carry professional liability insurance allowing certain private or extended health care benefit plans to cover their services. Check your policy to see if you have insurance coverage for nutrition counselling services.

Some insurance companies will cover the cost of nutrition counselling when your receipt is accompanied by a doctor's referral.



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