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How to Become Resilient as a Cancer Survivor


Learn my 5-Step Framework to help you rebuild your health, recover and feel fulfilled without feeling hungry, guilty or deprived.


In this training you’ll discover:

  • Why becoming resilient (and facing your own resiliency) is crucial
  • How to begin optimizing your digestive health
  • Simple delicious food swaps you can start immediately
  • The key to setting up your kitchen to support your well-being
  • How to reduce your exposure to toxins and nourish your body’s natural detoxification process
  • How to set the stage for managing emotional stress

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A Personal Note From Jill

In this brand-new masterclass, I’m sharing the key framework I use in my private Becoming Resilient coaching sessions to help you, the cancer survivor, learn what to eat to help avoid recurrence, to live in prevention and to promote personal health and well-being.


As a nutrition consultant and cancer coach, it's my mission to help cancer survivors feel physically stronger, nutritionally nourished, and emotionally supported.


My Becoming Resilient Coaching Program is a mix of guided instruction, community, encouragement and inspiration for men and women living with cancer (who are primarily post treatment) so that they can learn what to eat to rebuild their health and to avoid recurrence without feeling hungry, guilty or deprived.


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