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"Let me help you take the fear out of what to eat and drink during any stage of your cancer diagnosis."

Jill Haverstock
Jill Haverstock, Certified Professional Cancer Coach & Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

"Jill was amazing and helped steady me for my battle and I am happy others like me will have access to the services and support that she offers."

~ Shawna M.-W., Stage IIIC colon cancer

Why are our food choices so important for cancer and why should we begin in our kitchen?

If we optimize the cellular environment with life-giving nutrients, wouldn’t we give our bodies a fighting chance?

It is instrumental to choose quality grains, seeds, colorful vegetables, fruit, proteins, fats and oils that provide anti-inflammatory properties to our cells, that do not impact insulin, that provide the building blocks for our blood; our immune system.

Your cancer is unique to your body and ultimately we want to nourish cells so that they can do their best to prevent angiogenesis (growth and spread of cancer cells).

This is where my science, holistic nutrition and cancer coaching studies meet and you’ll reap the benefits directly!

"Jill’s care and understanding of what a cancer patient experiences (the fear, the side effects, the questions) and her expert knowledge on what causes the initiation, promotion and recurrence of cancer will go a long way in adding quality of life and years to a patient’s life"

~ Jeanette Marshall, CEO National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches

The benefits of working with me as your Cancer Nutrition Coach are many:

  • I’ll meet you where you are at emotionally and we’ll build a plan around what you need and what you can handle. You’ll feel lighter after talking with me, feel heard and cared for.

  • You’ll feel empowered about your personal health and feel inspired to do hard things and make long term changes.

  • You’ll know what to eat and not eat to prevent cancer, to help manage your cancer and to rejuvenate you after treatment.

  • You’ll integrate simple ways to keep your stress levels down so you can recover and lower inflammation in your body.

  • You’ll have space to open up about your fears. What to eat to prevent cancer from coming back, whether it’s safe to go out and socialize.

  • You’ll thrive in your new routine doing things you didn’t think you could. (Maybe you have the strength and energy to mow the lawn or maybe your type of cancer allows you to exercise.)


What’s included:

  • Private coaching & nutrition sessions for a sense of ease and making your whole experience feel less complicated
  • A complete health, diet and lifestyle assessment to personalize our work to you
  • A personalized cancer wellness plan based on your cancer diagnosis, health goals and current symptoms, co-created together
  • Guidance on key foods and dietary supplements to combat fatigue, nausea, and brain fog so you can live with a sense of ease and dignity, engage in life, feel well again, and better manage pain and inflammation in the body so you can do the things you love
  • Anti-cancer whole food recipes that feel simple and easy to take action on


Yes, I'm ready to explore further if personalized cancer nutrition coaching is for me.

Becoming Resilient as a Cancer Survivor - Private Coaching Fees


Cancer Nutrition - KickStarter Program $225

This 1-month support program includes 3 one-on-one coaching sessions.

This is the package you need if you are just starting with me and includes:

  • An assessment / intake of your current health and nutrition needs
  • Basic health recommendations including supplements, lifestyle and key nutrient recommendations (includes written report)
  • Anti-cancer Food Plan (recipes, guides, grocery lists and more)
  • Daily Habits Tracking
  • 1 x 60-minute initial consultation
  • 2 x 30-minute follow-up sessions


Becoming Resilient Program $675

This 3-month transformation includes:

  • An assessment / intake of your current health and nutrition needs
  • Personalized in depth health recommendations including supplements, lifestyle and key nutrient recommendations for your particular cancer
  • A written report of your overall health plan with action steps
  • Tailored Menu Plan with Recipes and Grocery Lists
  • Daily Habits Tracking
  • Weekly Motivation, Support and Encouragement
  • 1 x 60-minute initial consultation
  • 5 x 30-minute follow-up sessions

"Thank you so much Jill. I feel lighter after talking with you. Thank you for listening and caring.""

~ Martine G., Dartmouth, NS

"Jill , you are a gem . Sharing my decision with you was very hard to do because you inspired me to want to change my approach to food over the long term"

~ Lorraine M., Halifax, NS

"Thanks for your call Jill! Great conversation, good ideas and support. Thanks again!"

~ Cindy G., Kentville, NS


Take the first step to see if this program is right for you by booking a free cancer recovery strategy call with me.


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