The Cancer Thriver Care Plan

Welcome! I'm Jill

I support people affected by cancer (& their loved ones) who need "help in the kitchen" to lessen their worry around food so they can focus their energy on restoring their health.

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Hi! I'm Jill. I teach men and women diagnosed with cancer along with their caregivers how to deeply care for their body by nourishing it with the best foods so they can love themselves, feed their soul and live their life's purpose more fully.




Save time in the kitchen. Save your energy. Recipes are gluten-free, refined-sugar free and emphasize whole foods eating. Get my Done-For-You ready-to-go meal plans and grocery lists.


"Jill, you are a gem. Sharing my decision with you was very hard to do because you inspired me to want to change my approach to food over the long term."

Lorraine M. – Halifax, NS

"Thank you so much Jill. I feel lighter after talking with you. Thank you for listening and caring."

Martine D. – Dartmouth, NS

"Jill was amazing and helped steady me for my battle and I am happy others like me will have access to the services and support that she offers."

Shawna M., Stage IIIC colon cancer

"Jill’s care and understanding of what a cancer patient experiences (the fear, the side effects, the questions) and her expert knowledge on what causes the initiation, promotion and recurrence of cancer will go a long way in adding quality of life and years to a patient's life."

Jeanette Marshall, CEO National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches


As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant and Cancer Coach, I created the Thrive Nutrition Coaching Plan to offer you:

  • Holistic and science based nutrition
  • Cooking videos & Recipes with a traditional focus and anti-inflammatory
  • Community strength, empowerment and more

I'll help you build a strong foundation of health and get you out of food overwhelm so that you can focus on living well.

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