What is a Cancer Coach?

cancer Feb 29, 2020

Cancer Coaching focuses on the whole person. It will focus on you, who you are, and what you need to become well again, based on your health history, diagnosis, pathology, nutritional, lifestyle and recovery needs.


Cancer Coaching provides you with the education, support and practical skills to help meet your physical, emotional, spiritual, informational, and medical demands.


Cancer Coaching can help you feel less alone, improve your quality of life and help you regain a sense of control over your health and wellbeing. You are in control again.


Cancer Coaching is a much needed health and public service developed by the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches in 2008. It is for anyone in your community who may have cancer. It is available in Canada and the USA and in other countries globally.


Discover how my role as a Nutrition Consultant and Cancer Coach can help you feel physically stronger, nutritionally nourished and emotionally supported. Book your complimentary connection call today.


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