Case Study: how Angela shifted back into health

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I wanted to share with you that it is possible to make headway with your personal health goals and to alleviate physical symptoms in your body.

Here is how my client “Angela” took small, incremental steps and began feeling less chronic pain (mostly in her knees) and had better sleep.

Her other health goals were to lose weight and to feel more energy. We met for a nutrition assessment and worked together over two months so that she could have energy for her children and grandchildren.

 (For confidentiality reasons, Angela agreed that I could share her symptoms and coaching successes with you while not revealing her real name).

What steps did we take?

To help mitigate some of Angela’s inflammation, I started her on a three-day mini cleanse protocol. She consumed primarily smoothies and soups for three days. These were gluten-free and dairy-free and also were high in protein and vegetables to support her body’s natural detoxification pathways.

Did she exercise?

Angela went to yoga classes periodically and also tried meditation at home. She started by listening to relaxing instrumental music while focusing on her breathing. She noticed how her stress levels decreased and her breathing was less shallow.

Did she follow a set diet?

After the cleanse protocol, Angela continued on my high fat low carb menu plan. She loved the recipes. She’s not a big cook but knows that food planning and preparation are key to moving forward. She noticed less bloating right away and her digestion (aka gut health) and bowel movements were more regular.

What about supplements? 

I also reviewed her supplementation to assess her current needs. We tweaked her protein powder, added magnesium powder and a suitable probiotic. She already had a foundation of taking vitamin D, omega-3s and vitamin C. I encouraged her to continue taking these.

Below the surface: 

Here’s the thing: Angela initially contacted me because she wanted my help with gut health and to lose 10 – 20 lbs. When we went deeper into our conversation, I learned that Angela was the glue that held her family together. She had been a primary caregiver to her husband who has since passed from cancer and she’s doing her best to be strong for her adult children and grandchildren. They all count on her for strength and direction. After a full day, she shared how food comforted her later in the evenings along with her favorite tv show.

I reassured her that this is a normal response to stress, to an overloaded body and mind trying to ‘balance’ it all, and that she doesn’t have enough time for self-care. I also told her how proud I was of her for being brave to share her truth with me. I told her that she’s not alone.

You are stronger than you realize:

I’m so amazed by Angela’s feisty and tenacious personality. She is soft at heart but can move a mountain when she needs to. She knows that in order to succeed she needs to hold herself to a higher version of herself first…before her family’s expectations. This is where I applied my life coaching support with her over bi-weekly phone calls to ensure she could maintain the momentum she began.

How is she now?

To date, Angela continues to work on her weight loss mindset, approach her days knowing which supplements to take that work for her. Her yoga, meditation and meal preparations are currently forms of her self-care routine.

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Jill xo 


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