Holiday Edition - A few of my selected favourite and local gifts!

lifestyle Dec 08, 2018

My life’s work is making sure that people have the best products, lifestyle, and nutrition for living a great life.

This holiday, I want to share with all of you a few of my favourite local products that I have found meet my strict criteria for healthful living.

They make great gifts, support local business, and make us feel that much better when we use them. These are products that I both use and recommend to clients.

Favourite #1 – Pie R Squared (Gluten-free Pot Pie)

I met Heather, Owner of Pie R Squared during this Fall’s VegFest in Halifax. She operates her gluten-free kitchen in Wolfville, NS and spreads her ready-to-cook from frozen fare to Pete’s Fine Foods, Organic Earth Market and Noggins Farm Market to name a few.

Her gluten-free pies, soups and pizza’s are frozen and either ready to heat and serve, or to bake and serve. Right now my favourite is the turkey cranberry pot pie; beautiful comfort food with a gluten-free crust and filling and it’s dairy-free as well. This is a nice pairing with a side garden salad or steamed vegetables for a mid week dinner.

This would also make a lovely hostess gift or surprise meal for a favourite elderly relative who is unable to cook. Her pies (savory or sweet) also come in single serving sizes as well.


Favourite #2 – Nova Scotia Fisherman (Hand Lotion & Soap) 

It was good friend Wanda at the Parks Health Shop in Bedford who introduced me to this brand. She carries the line of soaps and lotions and the smell of the natural oils fills the shop.

My favourite item so far is the sea buckthorn and shea hand lotion – so nice this time of year and it fits in your purse, laptop bag or back pack.

This brand is made with locally sourced ingredients as much as possible. Sea buckthorn is a berry and its oil is high in vitamin A and E which are beneficial for our skin. Shea butter, also a plant (extracted from the nut of the Aftrican shea tree) helps to lubricate and moisturize chapped skin; a perfect combination for the Atlantic winter weather.


Favourite #3 – In the Raw (Master Tonic)

When I feel a tickle in my throat or a possible cold, I reach for this Master Tonic. I have recommended it to family members and clients and it’s a very effective cold and flu remedy. It is definitely part of my cold and flu prevention protocol.

When we are sick with a cold or flu, we often need something to support our immune system and to help arrest the virus in its tracks. I highly recommend this tonic as part of your arsenal.

When you first taste it, by tablespoon, you immediately taste the garlic, onions and horseradish. Then the heat from the ginger and hot peppers hits your throat and then the tartness of the apple cider vinegar hits your palate. Instant gratification. It’s hard to swallow it without a slight cringe but it’s worth it.

Thank you to Lenna (Owner and Proprietor of In The Raw Organics) for this tonic. You can purchase it from her store in Porters Lake, at Noggins at Alderney Landing and Sante Centre in Bedford. Check with your local health store to see if they carry it; they most likely do (and yes you could totally put the smaller sized bottle in someone's stocking :)


Favourite #4 – Pop Culture Brew Co. (Kombucha)

Let me tell you that I have tried many brands of kombucha from here to Ontario, Vancouver, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia and this one made in Dartmouth, NS is the best (according to my taste buds).

It doesn’t have an acidic taste and is not sweet – it’s just perfect!

Plus it’s formulated and made by a holistic nutrition consultant; I only realized this after I did a taste test, made a purchase, then I did my research!

Kombucha is fermented tea (usually black or green tea), it’s sweetened with cane sugar for the yeast to grow on. The fermentation process typically reduces the sugar, alcohol and yeast content leaving us with the beneficial bacteria for our own gut microbiomes.

During the holidays I like it as a substitute for alcohol especially when I’m the designated driver. I still fancy a pretty cocktail and a cranberry kombucha does the trick!


Favourite #5 – Fresh Start Fauxmage

Many of my clients have a sensitivity to dairy and they all miss cheese, hands down. Enter a creamy substitute and you’d never know you’re not eating cream cheese.

I would suggest this fauxmage is from a coveted recipe but they do contain cashew nuts and likely some coconut oil. It is soy free. The ‘cheese’ is made completely with plant-based ingredients so it is ideal for vegans and vegetarians.

This product is made with love by owner / curator Julain in Charlottetown, PEI. In Halifax, I have found this product at Organic Earth Market on Quinpool. There are various flavors and I recommend that you give them a try…with or without a food sensitivity…and perfect for your vegan family members during the holidays.


May you enjoy the beauty and wonder of the festive season. I want to wish you a healthy and nourishing 2019.

Happy Holidays!



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