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Wellness Coaching for Caregivers, Widows and Widowers Who Struggle with Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety

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If you’ve experienced loss of a loved one, you know about family, about love, survival, resilience and strength. You know that things cannot go back to being the way they were. Grieving and simultaneously rebuilding health are how we move with care into a new phase of life.

Coaching Support

I help you achieve wellness through our coaching sessions together. I blend life and wellness coaching.

Nutritional Support

Learn how to harness the power of adaptogenic vitamins, minerals and herbs to help improve your physical and mental stamina.

Community Connection

Get help from a group of like-minded men and women who are managing similar needs so you can feel empowered daily.

Why We Should Work Together

"I offer you direct motivation, accountability and support to actually implement change so that you can be successful." ~ Jill Haverstock, Nutrition Consultant and Certified Coach


Download my 5-Step Starter Guide

Want a taste of my 5-Step Foundational Health Program? Learn actionable steps and tools to help you rebuild your health.

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Take that first step to empowering yourself!

Become part of my 'Beyond Loss: 5 Step Foundational Health' Group Program

Begin to rebuild your health (physical, mental and spiritual) using the principles of holistic nutrition. My 5 Step System will help you achieve the results you've been looking for; I know, because I've lived it.

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Rebuilding your physical health is about becoming more aware that our needs are ever-changing.

It’s about having the right nutritional foundation and lifestyle choices that work for you. My Beyond Loss Foundational Health Program is the solution that can help you to move positively into that new phase.

Book a complimentary discovery session to see if my Beyond Loss Foundational Health Program is right for you.

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